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Preliminary Program

Updated on October 21st

Click here to download the preliminary program (722 Kb)

Wednesday 12 November

9:00h Registration
10:00h Workshops
16:00h Welcome and Opening Conference: Patricia Grady: Developing an international community of research.
18:00h Concurrent Sessions 1, 2, 3, 4

Thursday 13 November

9:00h PLENARY SESSION: Evidence Base Health Care is in conflict with meeting the individual needs of patients
  • Judy Lumby: Conflicts in teaching Evidence-based Healthcare.
  • Jos Kleijnen: Conflicts between RCT's outcomes and clinical practice.
  • Albert Jovell: Conflicts using evidence-based care. Patient's point of view.
  • José Luis Morales: Conflicts using evidence-based care. Health professional's point of view.
11:00h Coffee / Poster presentation
11:30h Concurrent Sessions 5, 6, 7, 8
13:15h Lunch
15:15h Concurrent Sessions 9, 10, 11, 12
17:30h Coffee / Poster presentation

Friday 14 November

9:00h PLENARY SESSION. Eliminating Borders of Knowledge
  • Robin Watts: The ivory tower and the real world: Never the twain ...?
  • Alison Kitson: Barriers to EBCP between professionals.
  • Steven Wayling: Barriers to EBCP between developing countries and first world.
  • Teresa Moreno: EBCP between cultures. The adaption of evidence to cultural context.
11:00h Coffee / Poster presentation
11:30h Concurrent Sessions 13, 14, 15, 16
13:15h Lunch
15:00h Concurrent Sessions 17, 18, 19, 20
17:15h Concurrent Sessions 21, 22, 23, 24

Saturday 15 November

9:00h Concurrent Sessions 25, 26, 27, 28
10:15h Concurrent Sessions 29, 30, 31, 32
12:00h Coffee / Poster presentation
12:30h Closing Conference: Gordon Guyatt: Why bother with evidence-based nursing?

The event will be preceded by a number of workshops on Wednesday 12 November.

Click here to download list of allowed to yhe workshops (139 Kb)

English workshops (1, 2, 3, 4 y 5) - Spanish workshops (6, 7 y 8)

  1. Clinical Audit and the impact of evidence on outcomes English workshop
    Presenters: Craig Lockwood and Phillip Thomas
    This workshop explores strategies to promote the use of evidence in practice and to collaboratively develop understandings related to change management in health care. It offers an overview of current evidence on the effectiveness of evidence utilisation strategies and introduces the Joanna Briggs Institute Practical Application of Clinical Evidence System (JBI PACES), Getting Research into Practice (GRIP) module and JBI Patient Outcomes On Line (JBI POOL).

  2. JBI COnNECT English workshop
    Presenters: Cindy Stern and Anthea Court
    This workshop provides an overview of how to access JBI COnNECT and the resources contained within it. It provides a step-by-step walk through of how to access the information, resources and tools (including the practice manual builder) to assist you with getting evidence into your practice.

  3. Teaching Critical Appraisal English workshop
    Presenters: Zuben Florence and Zoe Jordan
    This workshop is designed to assist experienced health professionals, educators, managers, academics and health information professionals to acquire skills in conducting and teaching the critical appraisal of health evidence.

  4. Meta synthesis of qualitative data English workshop
    Presenter: Prof Alan Pearson
    This workshop is designed for those with an interest in qualitative research synthesis. The program offers participants an overview of the Joanna Briggs Institute approach to the systematic review of qualitative evidence. Participants are also advised on how to access the free JBI systematic review software.

  5. Meta-synthesis of Economic Evidence English workshop
    Presenter: Dr Rick Wiechula
    This workshop is designed to give an overview of the JBI methods of critical appraisal, extraction and pooling of economic evidence. The program introduces participants to the JBI ACTUARI software and an understanding of how to conduct a systematic review of economic evidence. Participants are also advised on how to access the free JBI systematic review software.

  6. Introducción al proceso de investigación Spanish workshop
    Responsables: Mª Concepción Martín y Susana Navalpotro
    Objetivos: Presentar el planteamiento general del proceso de investigación y algunos instrumentos que nos pueden ayudar a desarrollarlo.
    Dirigido a: Personas que se inician en investigación.
  7. Introducción a la investigación cualitativa Spanish workshop
    Responsable: Joanna Maria Taltavull Aparicio
    Objetivos: Formar al alumno/a en el conocimiento de las características metodológicas básicas de la investigación cualitativa en las ciencias de la salud para que pueda identificar los problemas de salud susceptibles de ser estudiados con esta metodología, conocer los diferentes tipos de diseños e introducirse en los procesos de muestreo, obtención y análisis de la información.
    Dirigido a: Profesionales de la salud que no hayan realizado ninguna formación previa sobre investigación cualitativa y estén interesados en comenzar a familiarizarse en dicho ámbito.
  8. Recursos bibliográficos para la práctica clínica basada en la evidencia Spanish workshop
    Responsable: Verónica Juan Quilis
    Objetivos: Identificar las fuentes de información y documentales existentes para la practica Clínica Basada en la evidencia. Las Bibliotecas virtuales como planteamiento innovador en el campo de la documentación. Desarrollo de estrategias de búsqueda bibliográfica.
    Dirigido a: Todos aquellos profesionales interesados en conocer las diferentes herramientas y recursos bibliográficos para cubrir sus necesidades de información e investigación.
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