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Hospital del Rey
University of Burgos
Calle de los Romeros
09001 Burgos (Spain)
Tel. +34 947 25 87 36
Fax +34 947 25 87 36

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How to get to Burgos by train through Valladolid city
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The facilities of the University of Burgos (Campus of San Amaro / Hospital del Rey) are located in the western part of the city, on the old road out Burgos towards Portugal and Leon. The Rector’s Office, Central Services, Library, Cafeteria and University Residence are located in this campus, as well as the faculties of Sciences, Economic and Business Sciences, Law, Humanities and Education, the University School of Tourism and the building “La Milanera” belonging to the High Technical College.

How to reach the University


The following urban bus lines connect the city centre with the University Campus Hospital del Rey:
Line 5 Barrio del Pilar-Rio Vena- G3
Líne 7 Barrio del Pilar-Rio Vena-G2
Line 39 Barrio del Pilar-Pozanos-G3
Líne 23 Plaza del Mio Cid-Parralillos
Líne 80 Universidad-Gamonal-Estación FF.CC.

For further information about the route, timetables and stops, please visit this link

By car:

Western part of the city, on the old road out from Burgos towards Portugal and Leon

Some history

The Hospital del Rey (King’s Hospital), located close to the Road to Santiago when it crosses Burgos, was founded by Alfonso the 8th in 1195. It was dependent on the Monastery of Santa María la Real de las Huelgas, and it was a great pilgrims’ admittance centre. Close to the entrance, there is the Chapel of San Amaro and the graveyard where the dead pilgrims were buried.

The Hospital del Rey is a Renaissance building, that preserves some remains of the original medieval hospital (the ancient church’s pillars). The entrance is through the Puerta de los Romeros (Pilgrims’ Door), symbol of the University. It is an arch decorated on both sides, where we can find references to St. James, as well as the effigies of the founders (Alfonso the 8th and Queen Leonor).

The Puerta de los Romeros gives access to the Patio de los Romeros, limited by the Hospital’s Church, with an entrance and door to highlight; the inside of the temple is baroque. The church’s atrium connects with the Faculty’s Main Lecture Theater, used for formal ceremonies. The Casa del Fuero Viejo (House of the Old Privilege) houses the great Room Romeros. The Casa de los Sacristanes (House of the Sacristans) houses the Dean’s Office of the faculty of Law and the access to the cafeteria.

Beyond the Casa de los Sacristanes, there is the Patio de Comendadores, where the Rector’s Office building is located, remarkable for its facade with wood lattices.

The remains were restored and ceded to the university during the 1980s. This restoration was awarded the price Europa Nostra. Later on, the Puerta de los Romeros was restored, throwing light on its magnificence. The Hospital del Rey houses the Rector’s Office, the Faculty of Law and, since 2008, the University School of Tourism. Within the beautiful garden, we can find the Chessboard where musical activities are organised during the summer, on occasion of the University’s Summer Courses.

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